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Office Desks Guide

How to choose the right office desks for your business 

If you are planning on several people to work on a desk you might want...


Office Desks Sydney

Office Desks Guide

How to choose the right office desks for your business 

If you are planning on several people to work on a desk you might want to consider having an Office Workstations instead of multiple office desk. With the enormous variety of desks, there are to choose from, finding the right one for you and your workplace can be challenging. The desks need to visually suit the environment and design, fit well within the office to optimise space and be ergonomically designed to provide physical comfort for workers. So, how do you choose the “right” one? There are a number of factors that ought to be considered when choosing a new desk: 

  • Desk designWerken offers a variety of desk designs to suit every office need. Whether you’re after a modern L Shape desk for plenty of storage space or a simple, stripped-back panel end office desk that suits all spaces, we’ve got a desk for you. Knowing what design needs you to require from a desk (i.e. storage space, ergonomics, or size) makes it a lot easier to narrow down the options and find the best desk to suit your workspace. 
  • Desk purpose: You might be after an office desk that suits a particular purpose. Maybe it’s a modern reception desk that will be used to greet clients in your waiting room. Or maybe the desk is going to be used by employees who require a great deal of space. In that case, you ought to look for desks with ample workspace, like the Leto Executive Desk. Taking note of the needs of the employee who will be using the desk allows you to make informed choices when deciding on which one to purchase.  
  • Budget: Budget is the least fun part of choosing office furniture, but it plays one of the biggest roles in informing which desks you have the capacity to buy. We’ve taken this into account, and offer a multitude of desks that suit a variety of budgets. If you’re after executive and manager desks, we offer both lavish and high-end desks as well as affordable executive desks. Regardless of your budget—if you have a desk you’re after, we’ll have one that won’t go over budget, while still perfectly fulfilling your office requirements. 

Office desks for the modern Australian workplace 

 Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all office desks. With the nature of work in Australia rapidly evolving, the office space needs to reflect the unique purpose of the business residing in it. Creating a work environment that reflects the values, processes, and needs of the business are crucial to forming a productive and enjoyable space for employees. The key to this optimal workplace? Choosing the right desks. 


The right desk for the job 

We all know desks are a necessity in every office—your employees need somewhere to work, after all. But not all desks are made equal. Desks come in so many different designs, shapes, colours and costs, that it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect one for your employees. Making sure employees are comfortable and given the best equipment to get their work done not only makes them more productive, but they’ll be happier at work whilst being efficient, too. 

Think about it this way: say your job requires ample desk space and yet you’re only given a small desk to work on. This is likely to create frustration and irritation, and subsequently decrease productivity. That’s an easy problem that could be solved with—you guessed it—a larger desk. This is not to say that you need to provide all employees with large desks. Some jobs do not require much space—a writer, who only needs their desktop computer and a notebook, probably won’t be hindered in their work by using a small(ish) desk.  

So, what does it mean? That desks matter. And not only that but careful planning and consideration around the kinds of desks that your employees need has the capacity to influence employee wellbeing and productivity.  

What kind of desks does Werken offer? 

At Werken, we know that all office desks are different: in quality, design, functionality, and purpose. So, we’ve categorised our office desks into helpful subcategories to guide you in your journey to choosing a desk. Each category speaks to the purpose and functionality of each desk type. And if you need to filter the desks further, you can use our helpful filters (to the left of the page) to narrow down desks by colour, price, type, size, and lead time so you’re never looking at desks that aren’t relevant to you. 

  • General & Staff 

    If you’re on the hunt for a desk for staff and employees, you’ll find the right desk in General & Staff. In General & Staff, we offer simple desks at a range of price points and designs. This category is perfect for those who are looking for simple desks to suit a range of employee needs. 
  • Executive & Manager 

    Looking for a desk for a manager or executive of your business? Executive and manager desks will provide you with an extensive range of desks that suit the needs of workplace managers, with plenty of space and functional designs.  
  • Stand Up Desks 

    If office ergonomics is a priority, then stand up desks might be the right choice for you. Our range of standing desks is adjustable so that your employees can choose how they wish to work. Stand up desks are the perfect way to create a dynamic work environment. 
  • Reception Desks 

    When searching for a reception desk, you likely have one thing in mind—a beautiful counter that will impress clients and guests, while creating a welcoming entrance for employees. Browse the range of reception desks to find the perfect one for your waiting room. 
  • Desk accessories 

    A desk isn’t a desk without accessories. Our range of desk accessories includes modesty panelsdesk partitionsbeautiful feature gardens, and more. Provide your employees with the extras they need from our desk accessories collection. 

Need a little help choosing your office desks? 

 We care about providing our customers with support in the process of buying new office furniture. If you need any assistance or have any questions about our desks, contact us today and our team of office design experts will guide you in making the right choice. 

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