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Powerful presentations  

Projectors, whiteboards and blackboards: the building blocks for office presentations. Presentations can be one of the most nerve-wracking parts of business. But, they’re an important part of...


Office Whiteboards, Pinboards & Presentation.


Powerful presentations  

Projectors, whiteboards and blackboards: the building blocks for office presentations. Presentations can be one of the most nerve-wracking parts of business. But, they’re an important part of work—an opportunity to share ideas, briefs and projects with colleagues and clients. A good presentation can be the difference between your colleagues and clients loving an idea, or simply not understanding it. So, it’s vital to have the best equipment at hand so that you and your employees can confidently put your best foot forward when presenting. 

Either way, using presentation equipment like whiteboards, blackboards and projectors is a great way to present your ideas at work, and an invaluable addition to meeting rooms and workspaces. 

Why presentation equipment is important  

When it comes to presentations, you need to decide on the best way to do it—and it might not necessarily be with a slide deck on a digital projector. Sometimes, presenting ideas is best done in a way that demonstrates them off-the-cuff with a blackboard or whiteboard 

Whiteboards can be a great way of visually explaining your ideas. When completing a presentation, sometimes questions might come up, or you’ll struggle to explain a concept—a whiteboard or blackboard can be the perfect way to communicate those ideas on the spot to avoid confusion and to provide a visual tool for you to use when things get tricky. 

Whether as a standalone tool or accompanying a projector screen, blackboards and whiteboards are a great additional tool and can even be used in meetings to take down minutes. And if you’re after both of those things in one? An electronic copy board allows you to project presentations easily, and visually mark them up while you’re presenting. Perfect for those who want to use something a little more high-tech.  


How to choose your presentation equipment 

While there are benefits to each presentation tool that Werken stocks, there are always particular tools that will suit one workplace over another. How do you decide which presentation items are best for your workplace? By considering the needs and capabilities of your employees, as well as the types of presentations they frequently give. 

For example, if your business has a workforce that is a little older or less tech-savvy, going for traditional items like blackboards and whiteboards might be the way to go. Purchasing items that can require tech know-how can end in frustrating circumstances when employees aren’t able to use them optimally. If your employees still require some sort of presentation equipment for slide decks, a traditional projector might be more appropriate than an electronic whiteboard for electronic presentations. 

Alternatively, you might have a workforce that is computer savvy and needs high-tech, fast equipment that will serve their needs. In this case, an electronic whiteboard might be the perfect fit. So, when choosing equipment, have a think about your employee needs, as well as their potential future needs. 

Similarly, what kinds of presentations does your workplace give? Are they powerpoint slide decks, or meetings where ideas are verbally explained? Knowing the answer to this question allows you to decide if you need a projector, or maybe just a blackboard or whiteboard. If powerpoints aren’t a necessity,  a whiteboard or blackboard might be all you need to explain concepts or write up meeting minutes in verbal presentations.  

If you’re still not sure which items to go for, Werken can help you to choose the right items that will best suit your work environment and employees. 

Sharing ideas through pinboards and newscases 

Sometimes, sharing ideas or posting  events on the company Facebook group isn’t the most effective way of spreading the news. Businesses have been using notice boards and pinboards as a way of notifying staff of upcoming events and important news for decades. And despite new technology, it’s still a very effective way to do it. Posting notices in the company kitchen or hallway on a noticeboard means staff will read them while they’re microwaving their food or waiting for the kettle to boil. 

They can also be used for temporary decorations, project timelines, and more. Our pinboards and notice cases look great,  staff know how to use them, and when placed in communal staff areas are an excellent way of notifying colleagues of important events and news. 


Why choose Werken’s presentation equipment? 

At Werken, we know that presentations are a major part of the workplace. We’re committed to providing our customers with presentation equipment that perfectly suits their needs, as well as lasting them well into the future.  

We don’t sell you items that don’t work or won’t last: our high-quality, durable and beautifully designed presentation equipment will provide you with the tools you need for years to come. And, we’re committed to ensuring that you get the right products for your business. If you’re unsure about which items will fit in your workplace, or what will work for your employees, contact us today. Our team of highly-skilled office design experts are here to help you choose the right equipment for creating beautiful presentations to show your clients and colleagues. 


Need help choosing your presentation equipment?  

Need some assistance deciding on the best presentation equipment for your office? Contact us today to talk to one of our office furniture experts about choosing the right products for your needs.  

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