Altitude Height Adjustable Workstation

What do you generally need in office if you have many employees working together under the same roof?  It is almost, impossible to imagine a separate cabin and desks for every employee. That’s where the function of workstation comes in. Workstations as the name suggests, are easy to install furniture which are economical to buy and are comfortable in every sense. Werken keeps on coming up with more interesting office usage products, one such product is Selectric Adjustable Workstation’.


The adjustable height workstation caters to the requirement of a higher workstation pod where you can adjust the height of the furniture desk according to your wish. Werken has stood as a symbol for offering extensive modern Sydney Office Furniture with special care and curiosity. The office workstation being one of its highly successful works has many advantages.



Advantages of the Selectric Adjustable Workstation


Office workstations whose heights can be adjusted according to your needs can enable desk angles to be altered or built in desk length adjustability to cater to the needs of the office staff.

  1. Any standard normal workstation does not have the ability to adjust its height. What makes this workstation interesting is that you can adjust it according to your comfort level. Isn’t it wonderful? In that way, you have the command over the object using it for your personal comforts.

  2. Interesting features include specialised seating arrangement for unique physical needs. Easy rotation of work postures when sitting or standing allows changes in the desk height which is its unique feature.

  3. Customised altitude height workstation can also be made by ordering the office workstation of your desire.

  4. Such a workstation can be purchased in different kinds of width, shapes and length with varying height adjustability option.

  5. This unique workstation gives you the freedom to switch between sitting and standing mode. It’s like having the remote control to command the service of your choice which makes it better than any other average workstation.

  6. It takes less time in adjusting the workstation which can be adjusted in seconds. Hence, less efforts and time is involved in adjustable height workstation.

Our Popular Clients


The popularity of the altitude height workstation is evident from the fact that it is supported by our big sized clientele. We are the pioneers of providing such workstations to some of the branded clients in the Southern Hemisphere. Some of them are as follows:  


  2.  CSIRO


Werken has been providing many kinds of workstations in Australia since long. Some of them include – Groove Workstation, Sol Workstation, Diamond Workstation, Balance office Workstation and many more.


What makes Selectric adjustable pod workstation an interesting buy among all the workstations is that it has the freedom of adjusting, which very few workstations can offer. The adjustable part of it is less time consuming and easy to switch in. The best part of owning such a flexible pod workstation is its varying height ability which is comfortable to the users of varying body size and height.  The shorter ones as well as the taller ones can equally feel at comfort and work with ease with such flexible workstations. . 

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