Be Realistic and Practical When Choosing Reception Desks

Most of us with an office space want the best ambience around, for internal and external employees alike. Ask yourself this question, as a client if you happen to enter your vendors office, and if the mise-en-scene around wasn’t too pleasing or to your likings, would you not think otherwise about their work culture? It is but natural, because even in the professional world, what shines sells. However, that doesn’t mean you go splurging over anything and everything that strikes the eyes. Sometimes too much or too little of anything can bring in more negative impressions, than what you thought could have been worse. And believe us when we say, we have seen many eye sore business arenas around. Hence, when choosing an office reception desk, ensure to be kind on the visitors perception and thoughts of your office space and culture.


Here are a few tips which we would like to share with you on how to pick the right desks for the reception area. Hence please read on and be well-informed for the same.


Type of Your Business


The first criteria which would help you in choosing the right desks for the reception area would be that of the business nature. Sure the glossy magazines with all their photoshopped effects made you fancy certain furniture pieces, but ask yourself of this certain piece of furniture and the style it would come in, would suit the nature of your business! 



For Example: Would you prefer having solid hardwood desks for a professional office set up? Or would you have a very colourful desk for an investment franchise? Do the colours and style match up with the nature of the business? What impression would the desk style make on the potential customer walking through those doors? Believe us once again when we say, what shines sells but not always. Although the client may not tell you upfront about the nature of the desk, since it would be none of their business to do so. However, they would think about your organisational skills. If you could not pick the right desk for the receptionist area, how would you manage fruitful business organisational skills for their needs? Little connections, but those that make an impact!!




Technology That Reception Desk Made Of


In this day and age, we cannot dream of an eight hour job, since these days employees work more than that. Receptionists sit all day answering calls and queries and running errands for the top bosses up the ladder. The desk needs to be well organised, ergonomic and user friendly. Hence, before buying the desk, check the quality of materials it is made of, and also check if the desk is designed for comfort or not.





Once again, a whale can never swim in a pool at home. The same goes for when you shop for reception desks. Choose one that is not too large or too small, too bulky or too wide. It should be perfect for the welcome area and spacious enough to house professional work items too. The user should not feel lost sitting at one, rather should be comfortable conducting his or her duty without movement restrictions and glitches, because of the size. Yes, Size Does Matter!! And when we talk size, we should also mention about the storage capacity too. Do not buy a desk that cannot help you store in abundance.






Choose and allocate a budget, and stick to that. Check with at least four to five retailers online, read client reviews and testimonials and compare costs, it should be in sync with the materials they use for the desk.


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  • May 30, 2019
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