Complementing Your Office Furniture With Plants

There is no better way to add some life to your office and complement your fantastic office furniture than by bringing in some plants. Plants can help to soften the look of your office and make it a friendlier and more welcoming place to be, so if you don’t have any live plants in your office, it is high time you did. The following looks briefly at some of the benefits to complementing your office furniture with plants.


A Burst Of Colour:


Modern office furniture can be extremely sleek and stylish, but if you want yours to have a real impact, add a burst of colour and complement those stylish office chairs and tables with some plants. Do some research online to get ideas for how others have combined plants with their office furniture, and as best as you can, try and bring in plants whose colours will look good with you current office colour scheme.




Increase Privacy:


Combining plants with your office furniture can help to create a natural looking privacy screen, which can be a fantastic way to make your cubicle feel more like your own office. Look for plants that will provide as wide a coverage as possible, but your choices will be limited to how much natural light you get in there, and those that will survive.


Improve Air Quality:


Complementing your office furniture with plants is one of the best possible things that you could do for the air quality in your office, as the more plants you have, the cleaner and fresher the air will certainly be. Encourage others in your office to do the same by starting to give plants as gifts, or even talk to your bosses about the company paying to bring in plants, as an investment into worker health and safety.


Plant/Furniture Combos: 


Some new office furniture even manages to combine plants and furniture in the one design, with modern cabinets starting to be designed with planters embedded in the top of them.


Embrace A Green Theme: 


If your business is trying to embrace a greener theme, and to be more environmentally friendly in all aspects of your business, make use of recycled materials for as much of your office furniture as you can, and use plants to bring your green theme together.


Living Energy:


As awesome as some office furniture can be, nothing can compare to the energy of living things, which is why plants make such a fantastic element in any office design. Considering how much time you spend in you spend in your office, and that you may even have clients in there for important meetings, stack the odds in your favour by loading up on positive energy in there.


No office is complete without at least a few decent plants, and your office furniture will never look better than when combined with some well-selected greenery. So if your office has been feeling a bit drab and lifeless, it may be due to a lack of plants.

  • May 28, 2019
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