Creating Different Workspaces to Increase Productivity

When it comes to increasing productivity as a business, the solution will always be different depending on who you are and what your business does. However, it is always important to keep an open mind as to what could improve the situation. Sometimes the most effective approach is the one that seems least likely to succeed, so no matter what you do, never be afraid to embrace a new style at your workplace if there is a chance it could help. The following looks at some of the ways you can increase productivity by creating different workspaces.


Customise it


Everyone works differently, so make sure you provide your workers with the type of office space they will be able to thrive in. Make sure to ask your staff if there are changes they would like to see made, because you may find a feature you have incorporated in order to help out may actually be hurting their cause instead. Within reason, you should accommodate your staff requests as much as possible, because whatever is going to help them get their job done will also be helping your business to thrive and succeed.


Shared spaces


While it is important for your staff members to have their own office space if at all possible, it is a good idea to provide a few areas at your workplace that are conducive to people working together and sharing space. Having a calm and quiet area with comfortable  office chairs and office furniture will make it easy for staff to get together to talk about a client or a project, and the change of setting may be enough to help trigger a breakthrough. Even if the shared spaces are used mostly for socialising on breaks, it is smart for your business to encourage staff to get to know each other better, as this will only improve their ability to work together on projects for your business.


A quality staff area


Having a decent place for your staff to relax on breaks can play a significant role in boosting productivity when they are not, so make sure you provide a space that is comfortable and easy to relax in. Including a staff library in the break area and stocking it with the latest industry magazines can also help make it easy for your staff to stay up to date. Including some inspirational biographies or even artwork can also play an important role in keeping your staff motivated and productive.


Conference rooms


It is vital that your workplace has at least one small conference room or meeting room equipped with some of the latest technology. This will enable your staff to keep each other up to date on exactly what everyone is working on while practising those important presentations they will need to be nailing for their clients. A well-equipped conference room can make all the difference to both the quality and quantity of the work being produced by your business.

  • May 28, 2019
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