Indulge in the Lavishness of Step and Swing Reception Seating

Do you know, the style and sophistication of your office creates the first impression in the minds of your clients and customers? If it’s indulging and exuberant, it sends the perfect message about your professionalism, taste, and quality commitment; if it goes wrong, the impression on your clients can be devastating. No wonder, office furniture Sydney plays an integral in accentuating the style and class of your office, especially the reception area where your clients get the first insight to the workspace. With this view, www.werken.com.au presents to you the most luxurious and stylish Step and Swing Reception seating that will create a fantastic impression on your clients, at the very first glance.



The Step and Swing from www.werken.com.au comes with two unique forms of seating arrangements – modular and executive.


Step Modular Seating – The Step Modular Seating arrangement is artistically designed and meticulously engineered to accentuate the style and exuberance of any workspace in the most intriguing manner. Extremely versatile in nature, you can create an exuberant signature area in your workspace with this stylish modular seating arrangement. It comes with endless layout opportunities, while maintaining functionality and elegance of the space. The Step Modular Seating is available in Cocoa Brown and Cream natural leather finish to exquisitely blend with the interior décor of your space.


Swing Executive Seating – If your office’s reception area witnesses large number of visitors, this is the ultimate seating arrangement to exude the charm and exuberance for a lasting impression. It is available in a myriad of vinyls, leather, and upholstery fabrics to provide you the opportunity to pick one that beautifully blends with the interior décor of the space. Compliment the Swing Executive Seating with a fabulous Swing Table, and it will further add to the functionality of your reception area. The unique shape of the seating arrangement opens up broader avenues for umpteen design opportunities to cater to discerning needs.




The Step and Swing Reception Seating are remarkably versatile in nature, accentuating the utility of the space. Whether use it as a modular seating arrangement or executive style seating, it provides you umpteen design opportunities to enhance the elegance of the space. Compliment the seating arrangement with a table, and it will further improve the functionality of the reception area. Built from premium quality leather, vinyl, or upholstery fabric, it is extremely durable and resilient, delivering a fantastic value for money.




The Step and Swing seating arrangement comes with a warranty of 10 years that provide you complete peace of mind regarding quality, resiliency, and performance of the office furniture Sydney.


Indulge into the lavishness and beauty of Step and Swing reception seating arrangement from www.werken.com.au. Create a lasting impression with sheer style and sophistication that illuminates your reception area.   

  • May 31, 2019
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