The Importance of High Quality and Comfortable Office Chairs for Daily Use

An office worker or an executive, whatever position you hold in your workplace, your health is of prime concern. This would be especially with regard to your spine, the most important part of your body, which tends to be ignored. This is why it is important to invest in high quality and comfortable office chairs, not only for extra productivity that you would give out (because of the comfort levels it provides) but also because of the spine that takes a beating due to wrong sitting postures; thanks to the uncomfortable chairs you have been sitting on in a long time.




  1. At work we tend to be in front of our computers for a very long time, through the day. This is why investing in high quality, comfortable and Luxury Office Chairs make ergonomic sense. When you sit in a certain position for a long time, the posture gets tough on the spinal cord. With the use of an ergonomic chair, you get to sit comfortably and for longer hours, provide more productivity and your health doesn’t take a beating too.


  2. Most injuries to the spine take place because of the bad posture we tend to use while sitting. Along with that, we can also blame the office furniture, which is poorly designed. Since you tend to spend many hours in front of your laptop at work, it would be worth the time and money to check and buy a high quality ergonomic office chair for comfort seating.


Get an evaluation done


  1. Check with at least four to five Office Furniture manufacturers and if possible, visit their stores for a “hands on test drive”. This would be the first step in evaluating your chairs and see if they would truly give you the comfort as the company claims it does online. Ask the manufacturer to allow you to have the chair over at your office or home for a couple of days. This would be worth the deal, especially for the money you would be paying for it. Companies that are genuine would provide you time to have hands – on test drive with their chairs.


  2. Talking about the budget, you sure do not want to cut cloth more than what you have. However, with that in mind, you wouldn’t want to even compromise on quality for inferior produce. This is why we ask you to check the make, model, quality, materials and more. Checking with at least four to five chair makers would give you ideas on the same, and also let you know if you are being charged the right amounts or not.


Features of an ideal high quality and comfortable office chair


  1. It should have a pivoting backrest, a self-adjusting lumbar recline

  2. The counter balance recline system should be intuitive and intelligent to give you the right support, irrespective of the users weight and size

  3. You shouldn’t have to manually adjust the tension springs

  4. You shouldn’t have to set or release the recline locks

  5. For better functioning, the place between the legs and the torso should automatically adjust for comfort while reclining happens

  6. The chair should be sculpted as per the contours of the body

  7. Pressure points should have more contact

  8. It should have revolutionary armrests to avoid mis-positioned arm movements

  9. The vertical motion embedded should be 6” range so that all tasks and users can be accommodated

  10. Should be positioned not above the thigh level, which is ideal for desk work

  11. Headrest and seat height shouldn’t be more the 5”

  12. Seat depth should be 2.25”, lumbar support height should be 3”


Disclaimer: The features have been researched through various sources and are a general view.


If you check online, there would be a wide range of them to choose from. Ergonomic high quality chairs for comfort at work should be a must have.

  • May 29, 2019
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