Things to Count Planning Office Refurbishment

Office refurbishment is indeed a daunting task. In such a scenario, the intervention of a trusted and reliable office fit out planner is hired to get through the process with ease. And that is why Werken, the Australian tycoon in office furniture provides dependable services for office refurbishment.  Firstly, it’s important to point out why do you need to refurbish your office place? The answer perhaps lies in your various needs of creating a renewal service, making a new space for board-meeting or having additional office place. We respect and understand your need to execute the idea of rendering good services due to our domain expertise in Office refurbishment Sydney.



How to go about it 

  1. Our experts provide you some simple and effective ways for revamping your office.  After all, the desired result is the product of how good the planning is.
  2. Firstly, there’s a need to ask if refurbishment is the option that’s right for the office. If the answer is yes, then what are the possible reasons for it? The best thought after reason is to be clearly communicated to the person responsible for bearing the task of office renovation to avoid any form of miss-communication.
  3. It is important to assess the value of all the characteristics that the premise holds. For example, location, parking and so on.
  4. Ensure careful budgeting that includes the living cost of all the material in the office which may get affected due to renewal and the cost expanded due to the stretching and extra added feature that you have in your mind. A healthy budgeting should be clearly drafted which can save your costs and get your work done efficiently.

Our Process


Werken is a trustworthy name that holds a standing record of catering excellent service in this area. Our process begins from initial consultation which is completely free and then we proceed with designing, planning, proposing solution, implementing, managing and finally handing over. 


Our Refurbishment Services

Werken’s refurbishment services are not limited to: 

  1. providing and installing office furniture be office desks, executive chairs, workstations, reception counters, training rooms, storage and visual presentations to name a few

  2. reconfiguring furniture and workstations

  3. building new walls from plasterboards to glass office partitions

  4. eliminating previous partition walls

  5. incorporating data

  6. adding and removing floor coverings

  7. disposing unnecessary furniture

  8. painting

  9. providing suspended ceilings

  10. planning for boardrooms and meeting rooms

  11. planning for reception area

  12. offering complete solutions

So if you are planning to get your workplace revamped, leave all your apprehensions. We endeavor to provide you a smooth ambiance while you execute your planned idea. Let us handle everything related to your office refurbishment completely and we assure you of a workplace which will soon entice you to remain seated and relax in your cabin even after you are through with the day’s work! With our office Fitouts Sydney you will not wish to go home

  • May 28, 2019
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